Accesible Llucmajor

We want Llucmajor to be a place of visit for all: for those who need help temporarily beacuse they use crutches, they carry a baby cart, a walker or a cane and for all those with reduced mobility, sensory disability… etc
Because there will aways be a moment thoughout your life in which you will need to not face more obstacles than you already have...and that they give you a little hand

  • Beach of S’Arenal of Llucmajor


    The most popular on the island, beach of Palma, which is the longest beach in Mallorca with 4.6 km in length, whose last section is shared with the municipality...Read more

  • Can Garra Seca


    Can Garraseca is an ethnological set very well preserved. Former livestock and forestry farm that has many ethnological elements: wind flour mill, reservoirs, ponds, lime kiln, barracks, tanks, as...Read more

  • Route of the Viewpoints

    Llucmajor Coast

    Route of the Viewpoints of the Llucmajor Coast:

    Son Veri Nou, Delta ( Maioris & Puig de Ros), Sa Torre, Badia Blava, Badia Gran y Cala pi.

    Along the highway of...Read more

  • S’Arenal


    The beach of S’Arenal of Llucmajor extends on the last stretch of the beach of Palma from the pont des Jesus to the yacht club, constituting the most important...Read more