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  • Aqualand El Arenal


    Aqualand El Arenal: one of the biggest water parks in Mallorca, for adults and kids of all ages.

    Kidsworld: Adventureland, Dragonland, Polinèsia ..
    Adrenaline Fun: King Cobra, Kamikaze, Tornat,...Read more

  • Arenal Sports Center


    The S’Arenal Muncipal sports complex has a pool, soccer Fields, Multifuncional Rooms and indoor Cycling.

    Our center has a 25m long pool with 6 lanes for swimming. In it users...Read more

  • Badia Blava

    Llucmajor Coast

    Badia Blava is a view point with sea access in the complex with the same name, between Badia Gran and Sa Torre.

    The descent to the parking is about a kilometer...Read more

  • Bahía Beach Club

    Llucmajor Coast

    Majorca, the Sun and sea is the perfect reference to start enjoying our island, because of it in Bahia Beach Club we offer all his captivations from our...Read more

  • Bike Route 1

    Llucmajor Coast


    Son Verí Nou (Llucmajor) – Cap Enderrocat – Camí de Sa Torre – Llucmajor – Camí de Son Marrano – Capocorb (Talaiots) – Cala...Read more

  • Bike Route 2

    Llucmajor Coast


    Along the entire coast, crossing the road to Cap Blanc, we can stop if we want in the magnificent viewpoints of Sa...Read more

  • Bike Route 3



    Leaving from the village of Llucmajor and heading inland towards Cala Pi cove.
    An easy journey ideal for families and...Read more

  • Bistro Mercat


    Bistro Mercat, situated on the main square of Llucmajor, offers tipical Mallorquin and Spanish dishes of high quality and with a seasonal background.

    On the menu you can find dishes...Read more

  • Burguer Doze


    Where can you eat, have a snack, dine and have a milkshake or authentic author’s gin and tonic? In Burger Doze you can enjoy all these options and more.

    Located...Read more

  • Ca Na Marola

    Llucmajor Coast

    Hours: 12:00 – 16:00, 18:00 – 23:00

    Traditional cuisine of the sea. Milky and briny rice, fish and seafood, always fresh and of quality.

    More information on...Read more

  • Ca’n Tià Taleca


    Our culinary concept has evolved with a new image and a renewed cuisine with the Mallorcan fusion, fresh and seasonal dishes.

    The usual dishes are turning them into a more...Read more

  • Ca’s Busso

    Llucmajor Coast

    Cas Busso Restaurant

    Open from 9.00 am until 00.00 pm

    Typical Mallorcan cuisine restaurant where you can also find rice, pasta, grilled meats and fresh fish.

    Carretera de Cap Blanc, km24, 07639...Read more

  • Cafè Aràbic


    Today, and since the village square became a pedestrian-only area, bringing joy and vitality, the cafe has a terrace in the very square and another cozier one inside, where...Read more

  • Café Colón


    A terrace surrounded by a wide square, high ceilings supported by ornate columns, corners where time stops and a rope watch that marks the moment...Read more

  • Cala Blava

    Llucmajor Coast

    Cala Mosques, the beach of Cala Blava

    Cala Blava is a residential neighborhood with villas and apartments and the small cove  Cala Mosques, a sandy little beach with cristal clear...Read more

  • Cala Pi

    Llucmajor Coast


    Cala Pi is a secluded beach on the south coast of Llucmajor – Mallorca.  Cala Pi pictures a perfect beach, with golden sand and turquoise water glistening between two...Read more

  • Caliuet Bar Restaurant


    Caliuet Bar Restaurant

    Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Open from 8.30 am to 11.00 pm except Mondays.

    Plaça Espanya, 57, 07620 Llucmajor, Mallorca
    Tel: +34 871 57 16 48

    Read more

  • Caló Fort

    Llucmajor Coast

    Caló Fort is a wonderful rocky little cove located in the residential area of Bellavista, on the coast of Llucmajor.  It’s a stones and rock cove with easy access...Read more

  • Can Garra Seca


    Can Garraseca is an ethnological set very well preserved. Former livestock and forestry farm that has many ethnological elements: wind flour mill, reservoirs, ponds, lime kiln, barracks, tanks, as...Read more

  • Cap Rocat

    Llucmajor Coast

    The luxury of the Mediterranean gastronomy essentials created by our chef Víctor García, while the magic of the nights in Cap Rocat enchants...Read more

  • Capocorb Vell


    Capocorb Vell is a talayotic site on Mallorca, located about 12 km from Llucmajor, towards Cap Blanc and Cala Pi. It is one of the most highly excavated talayotic...Read more

  • Casa do Pulpo


    Our specialty is seafood and we offer a wide variety of seafood.

    For those who prefer the land to the sea,...Read more

  • Circuito Mallorca


    The Llucmajor Circuit is the only speed circuit for motorcycling, motor racing and go-carting on the island of Mallorca.

    It is a fast and direct road access sports complex, with...Read more

  • Cloister Sant Bonaventura


    On June 3, 1608, The Franciscans settled on this site after living in Monestir Street in 1599. The definitive convent was built during the 17th century and was configured...Read more

  • Contrabando



    A tapas bar with a strong Majorcan character.
    Opening hours: From 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm

    Please...Read more

  • Defense Towers

    Llucmajor Coast

    Defense Tower

    The large area and length of the Llucmajorera coast made it essential to build defensive and warning structures. These towers were erected mainly in the s....Read more

  • Del Sol


    With a kitchen made to enjoy, a terrace made to share, an atmosphere made to relax and a view to dream away, Del Sol offers you all you need...Read more

  • Dimmock’s Healthy Burger

    Llucmajor Coast

    Dimmock’s Healthy Burger – Slow Fast Food Concept

    Create your own hamburger!

    We are open:
    Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdasy from 12 – 4 pm and from 8 pm to 11.45 pmRead more

  • Es Garrover



    It is a family business and commercial brand, founded by Juana verger. The first trading company of exclusive products made with organic carob in Mallorca, betting...Read more

  • Es mirador de Cala Pi

    Llucmajor Coast

    A fresh and current proposal of the best rice, pasta, meat, fish and seafood that you can enjoy with our buffet service and à la carte.

    El Mirador de Cala...Read more

  • Es mirador de Son Samà


    Our restaurant “Es Mirador de Son Samà” with its wonderful views, awaits you with an exclusive and intimate ambience. Let us spoil you with the delicacies of the traditional...Read more

  • Es Pou Salat

    Llucmajor Coast

    In our restaurant and pizzeria Es Pou Salat, we offer a delicious and varied cuisine.

    We have fresh pasta and homemade pizzas, which you can also enjoy...Read more

  • Focaccia


    Focaccia, a family restaurant that cooks with care for all those who want to go out … and feel at home.

    More information on the Webpage

    Read more

  • Golf Maioris

    Llucmajor Coast

    Located in the south of the island of Mallorca (Llucmajor), only 10 years old and with its 6,300 meter of extension, the Golf Maioris is distinguished for being...Read more

  • Golf Son Antem

    Llucmajor Coast

    Located in the south of the Island of Mallorca (Llucmajor, only 10 years old with it 6,300 meters of extension, the Golf Maioris is distinguished for being one of...Read more

  • Hiking Route 1


    Excursión Nº 1: Llucmajor – Camí de Binifi cat – Font des Pèlec – Llucmajor.

    Duration: 2h distance 8.5, km difficulty Easy.

    Short version: Llucmajor- Camí de Binificat-...Read more

  • Hiking Route 2


    Excursion Nº 2: Llucmajor – Camí de Gràcia – Camí Vell de Gràcia – Santuari de Gràcia – Llucmajor.

    Duration 2h 20 min 4.6 km Easy, but with...Read more

  • Hiking Route 3


    Llucmajor – Camí de Son Mendívil – Camí Vell d´Algaida – Camí de Ses Pedreres – Restaurante Galdent – Camí de Galdent – Llucmajor

    Duration 1 h 45...Read more

  • Hiking Route 4


    Llucmajor – Camí de Gràcia – Camí de Son Ponç – Cami Vell de Montüiri

    Duration 2h 30 min, 9.6 km East, with gentle ascents and descents

    NOTE:...Read more

  • Hiking Route 5


    Llucmajor – Puig de Ses Bruixes – Llucmajor.

    Duration 2h 15 min, 7,1 km Easy, but with a steep ascent.

    El Puig de Ses Bruixes, with an altitude...Read more

  • Hiking Route 6

    Llucmajor Coast

    S´Estalella (S´Estanyol) – Cala Pi (Vallgornera) – S´Estalella

    Duration 2h 8.8 km, very easy

    Leaving Llucmajor by the Ma-6015 road (signposted towards S’estanyol), we will turn right when...Read more

  • Hiking Route 7

    Llucmajor Coast

    Cala Pi – Cap Blanc – Cala Pi

    Duration 4h 10.9 km, Easy

    Another excelent walking tour on the coast of Llucmajor that in turn allow us to...Read more

  • Hotel Pet Friendly

    Llucmajor Llucmajor Coast S'Arenal

    Do you know the  Hotel and Farm houses in Llucmajor that accepts pets?

    In Llucmajor you can choose between numerous accomodations: inland, costal and rural where you can enjoy your...Read more

  • llucmajor estatua rey jaume III Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

    King Jaume III Statue


    Sculptural set made of bronze; represents the infant Jaume (who would be the future Jaume IV), son of King Jaume III, holding the lifeless body of his father and...Read more

  • L’Altra Pizza


    Since the summer of 2015, the restaurant is part of the Antic Hotel Spain. A refurbished historic boutique hotel that was first opened in 1914...Read more

  • Llucmajor Sport Center


    The Llucmajor Municipal Sport center has a soccer field, heated pool and outdoor pool, spa, fitness room, indoor cycling room.

    Swimming lessons for all ages.

    Indoor Cycling: It is cardiovascular training...Read more

  • Luada Blue

    Llucmajor Coast

    Luada Blue Restaurant in Badia Gran (Llucmajor)

    Their specialties are fish, seafood, Galician meats of great quality and much more

    They also offer daily specials at a great price.

    Open from 9...Read more

  • Maioris Cove

    Llucmajor Coast

    From the hotel complex, formed by the Delta and Maioris hotels, you can access the Davallador des Carros. Although this cove does not have much space or sand,...Read more

  • Mhares Sea Club

    Llucmajor Coast

    Mhares Sea Club is a privileged place that allows you to enjoy a world of leisure and restoration.

    Located on the waters of the bay,...Read more

  • Mirador de Cabrera

    Llucmajor Coast

    Mirador de Cabrera Restaurante

    Daily Opening hours: 12.00am – 3:15pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
    Mondays Closed

    Carrer Murillo, 8, 07639 Es Pas de Vallgornera, Llucmajor – Mallorca
    Tel: +34 971123338

    More info here:...Read more

  • plaça sabater Llucmajor mallorca

    Monument to the Shoemakers


    In the center of the square (Plaça des Sabater) we can see the monument dedicated to the shoemakers, a profession of the majority of the city’s inhabitants until the...Read more

  • Nautical Club S’Arenal


    Founded in 1952 by a group of sea enthusiasts, the Club Náutic Arenal has become a modern situation that keeps alive the romantic spirit of those pioneers who...Read more

  • Nautical Club S’Estanyol

    Llucmajor Coast

    Club Náutic S’Estanyol is located within the Marine Reserve of it is Migjorn, in the south Mallorca (39º 21 ‘591 N, 2º 55’ 051 E).

    From Son Sant...Read more

  • Our Lady of Grace


    The sanctuary of our lady of grace was erected at the end of the 19th centuary. XV, after building the first gothic style. The current temple was complicated in...Read more

  • Our lady of Lactation


    The primitive church of s’Arenal stands on a high place, called ”es fossar”. Located on a plot that was donated by it’s owner Antonio Salvá de l’Allapassa i Ripoll....Read more

  • Painted Texas


    The presence of painted tiles in the eaves is typical in Mallorca rural houses. Your background are medieval and the oldest part of Mallorca dates from the s....Read more

  • Route of the Viewpoints

    Llucmajor Coast

    Route of the Viewpoints of the Llucmajor Coast:

    Son Veri Nou, Delta ( Maioris & Puig de Ros), Sa Torre, Badia Blava, Badia Gran y Cala pi.

    Along the highway of...Read more

  • S’Arenal


    The beach of S’Arenal of Llucmajor extends on the last stretch of the beach of Palma from the pont des Jesus to the yacht club, constituting the most important...Read more

  • S’Espigolera


    The statue of ”S’Espigolera”, made in bronze in 1965 by the sculptor Horacio de Eguía, is a tribute to Maria Antonia Salvá, poet of the city of Llucmajor.

    Read more

  • S’Estanyol

    Llucmajor Coast

    Beach of sand and boulders, located next to the natural area of S’Estalella, at the mouth of the Torrent de Garonda. You can access this beach from the traditional...Read more

  • Sa Foganya


    Hours: 9:30AM – 4:00 PM, 7:30PM – 11:30PM
    It serves lunch and dinner.
    Accept reservations: Tel: +34 971 661 887
    Terrace or outdoor tables
    Read more

  • Sa Terrassa

    Llucmajor Coast

    Restaurante Sa Terrassa perfectly combines the family tradition with innovation in its Mediterranean cuisine. Quality, service and avant-garde decoration in one of the most quiet...Read more

  • Saint Miquel


    The first church was built in the 14th century and was demolished by the current construction. It was a unique plant with side chapels and this church we only...Read more

  • SITT Sport Center

    Llucmajor Coast

    The SITT Sport Center of Badia Blava, in Llucmajor is, with out doubt, a pleasent place to enjoy sports and free time. Within the framework of a large garden...Read more

  • Son Mut Nou


    In the heart of the marina de Llucmajor (Mallorca) is the Son Mut Nou farm, the largest fig treesexperimentation field in the world.

    Montserrat Pons and Boscana, a pharmascist from...Read more

  • S’Abeurador Rodona


    At the top of the square we find S’Abeurador Rodona, which, as it’s name suggest, is round in shape. The fountain is made of limestone, has three meter in...Read more

  • Tatami Fusion

    Llucmajor Coast

    Restaurant Tatami Fusión Maioris
    Good Japanese cuisine restaurant (sushi & wok) where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner both visually and gastronomically, all in an intimate and...Read more

  • Tomates Verdes Restaurant


    Tomates Verdes Restaurant & more located in the square “Plaza” of LLucmajor & near to the Town Hall, offers Mediterranean food in a warm and friendly atmosphere, with quality...Read more

  • Town Hall (1882)


    The building is located at the very heart of the village: the square Plaça d’Espanya. This eclectic-historicist building was created by Miquel Dalmau, in 1882. The lower...Read more

  • Tropical


    The Tropical restaurant was founded in 1983 by José Luís García and Juana Ana Tugores, parents of the current owner of the restaurant José Miguel...Read more

  • Varadero Beach


    Located at the foot of the beach on Avenida Miramar, El Arenal, spacious, modern, very pleasant and a menu with a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes that will surprise...Read more

  • Wineries Bordoy


    History tells us of the existence of Sa Torre around 1.369, by which time it was already known within the island for its unique gothic style chapel, elevated in...Read more

  • Wineries Vi Rei

    Llucmajor Coast

    BODEGAS VI REI – Llucmajor – Mallorca

    The winery was founded in 2014, designed by the famous mallorquin architect Rafael Munar, whose style hails the integration of buildings within their...Read more