Bike Route 3



Leaving from the village of Llucmajor and heading inland towards Cala Pi cove.
An easy journey ideal for families and beginners.

Km:  30 – Diffculty:   Low – Approx time :  1:35 h

Points of interest

  • Restaurant  C’as Busso
  • Around: Talaiots de Capocorb Vell

Departure from the Llucmajor local police barracks, after crossing the highway bridge, we take the exit of the service road towards Palma and a few meters, we will see the road sign of s’Aguila.

It is a pleasant walk, along a road little traveled by cars but by many cyclists. Following the posts and a sign, we will reach the Cap Blanc road at the bar-restaurant of C’as Busso.

To return to Llucmajor, we will take the road towards Sa Rápita for 6 km. until you find on the left a sign indicating the road “cami vell de Cala Pí” (not to be confused with another sign that is a little before to the right)

To return to the original point of departure, take the service road in the direction of Palma, until the next bridge.