Llucmajor Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain


Llucmajor has an interesting culture, with a history dotted with prehistoric settlements and the passage of different cultures of the mediterreanean. Phonicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans and Arabshave left their mark on the municipality which has also been the scene of pirate incursions.

It is possible that the name of Llucmajor comers from the Latin Word “Lucus Maioris” or greater forest. It should be noted that at the battle of Llucmajor, On October 25, 1349, the last king of Mallorca, Jaume lll, lost his wife with his kingdom.

We recommend visiting “Capocorb Vell”, the most known prehistoric group in Mallorca from the Bronze age. But we can also find in the municipality vestiges of other times such as the “Talaias” defensive towers and surveillance, which dot the coast of the municipality in Cap Blanc, S’Estelella, Cala pi or Cap Enerrocat.