Es Garrover



It is a family business and commercial brand, founded by Juana verger. The first trading company of exclusive products made with organic carob in Mallorca, betting on a local, ecological native and mediterranean product, working with local artisans.

They are made from thickener for soups, creams, sauces, desserts, until powdered carob (alternative to cocoa) through pulp, syrup and carob cream.

On there website you can find even great recipes.

The company is located at Marina Street 107, 07620 de Llucmajor Mallorca.
971 66 00 59 / 630 275 775

You can find their product in the Eroski supermarkets of Son Veri Nou and s’Arenal, as well as in the shops of Llucmajor village: Müller, s’Hort de Llucmajor, Llucmafit, just su aqui, martin products, Eco Viure and Herbolari Tot Remei.


General info

Is Garrover de Mallorca
Marina, 107, Llucmajor 07620 Mallorca - España
Tel + 34 971 66 00 59