Hiking Route 1


Excursión Nº 1: Llucmajor – Camí de Binifi cat – Font des Pèlec – Llucmajor.

Duration: 2h distance 8.5, km difficulty Easy.

Short version: Llucmajor- Camí de Binificat- Camí des Pontarró- Cami de Son Ponç- Llucmajor.

Duration 1 h 45 min distance 7km

The excursion starts next to the institute of Llucmajor (where there is a place to park), and goes towards the countryside along the Camí of Gràce, a wild asphalt road marked with “agrotourism Son Sampolí”. The road leaves the village, passing through almond groves, planted frams and some houses. It must be borne in mind that there may be some traffic at the beginning. Soon we will pass a large stone cross to the left at the intersection of the Camí de Sa Creu of Ses Dones, and continuing straight, a little further on we will pass another road, the Cami des oix Carro, signposted towards Algaida, also on the left.

Arriving at a fork in the road (12 min) our route continues today on the right, following the Camí de Binificat, a somewhat narrower path with a varied vegetation on both sides-fennel, mulberry trees, wild asparagus, carob trees, etc.- Now we can see the Puig de Randa (Exc. No. 2) on your left. We will pass the camí de Son Sampol (20 min) to the right , and later a sign indicating the entrance to “Villa Sampol”, with the Puig of Randa a little closer now.

At 45 minutes we will pass a dirt road without a name, and almost immediately another road, the camí des Pontarró, both on the left. The short version turns left here, on the first of the two roads, ascends slightly reaching the Camí de Son Ponç, and turns again to the left to return to Llucmajor at the starting point.

The main route continues on, passing some elegant entrances of new residences, and shortly after (50 min) leaves the road where we are going to turn right into a narrow path, which seems to end up in front of a gate at the entrance of a house with a tall palm tree. We will go to the gate, and soon we will see that the route turns again to the right just before the gate to continue now in the direcction of Llucmajor. We will pass the occasional mill, rather neglected, and some rural houses also somewhat abandoned, following the main road and with the low mountains covered with pine forests on the left.

At 1h 10min of walking, we will arrive at the source – or Font des Pèlec- an ideal place to stop, enjoy a picnic, or simply rest under the shade of the trees next to the stream. Here fresh water comes bubbling out of the fountain almost all year rounds. It is believed that this area was a large marsh in the past, with multiple fountains and lagoons; some names suggest that this was the case, as for example, Es Pontarró.

Continuing now our return to Llucmajor, we will continue along the main road, crossing a tranquil landscape of open fields, some houses and cultivated lands, with the Puig of Randa now on our right. Soon we will have good view towards the Puig de Ses Bruixes and the serra de Galdent (excursions. No. 3 and 5 of the guide) in front of us on the right.

The road begins to widen quite a bit and soon arrives at the road that joins Llucmajor with Porreres (ma-5020) where a turn to the right will take us back to Llucmajor entering by a roundabout just where the road to Campos leaves, next from a mill with restaurant , after 1h 55 min of excursion. To return to the starting point, we will turn again to the right from the roundabout, walking along Avinguda Ramon Sant Martí to follow the signposted road to Algaida, which soon turns to the left to arrive again in front of the school in 2 h 15 min.