Arenal Sports Center


The S’Arenal Muncipal sports complex has a pool, soccer Fields, Multifuncional Rooms and indoor Cycling.

Our center has a 25m long pool with 6 lanes for swimming. In it users can pratice swimming by free or participate in the aquatic activities offered by speciallized monitors, such as: initiation and improvement of swimming for 0 to 99 years, therapeutic swimming, directed classes of aquafitness, among other varieties.

Cross Swim: Training through swimming, aimed at people who dominate swimming and want to improve their physical condition in the aquatic environment.

Aquafit: Medium or high intensity aquatic activity, choreographed or not,in which different materials are used. Its objetives are obtain an improvent at the level: cardiovascular, muscular, coordinaction and flexibiliy.

AquaSana: For people who have some joint os spinal discomfort. In this class you will be guided on the exercises that are most suitable for them.

Infant Swimming: Learning classes for children between the ages of  6 months and 15 years.

Therapeutic swimming: programs of health directed, on the one hand to compensation of the deviations of the spine, and on the other, to the compensation of illness and injuries that can appear in the adult stage, using for aquatic displacments described in the frame of educational swimming.

Swimming Adults: Water activities for people  years and older

Room directed activities: In this room classes or different contents are taught.:

Gentle gymnastics (Yoga, Pilate)

Toning classes (work Iron, Tone, GAC)

Choreographed classes (Zumba or step)

Indoor cycling room with 20 bicycles



General info

Complejo Deportivo Municipal S'Arenal
Avenida Europa s/n (Polideportivo) 07600 S'Arenal - Llucmajor - Mallorca
Tel +34 971 446 150

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