Capocorb Vell


Capocorb Vell is a talayotic site on Mallorca, located about 12 km from Llucmajor, towards Cap Blanc and Cala Pi. It is one of the most highly excavated talayotic sites in the Balearic islands.  An impressive Bronze-Age settlement in Mallorca.
These are the most significant remains of the Talaiotic culture, which flourished in Mallorca between around 1300 and 800 BC.

It was dominated by talaiots (circular or rectangular structures) two to three storeys high, which were used as both burial chambers and defensive forts. Each settlement was surrounded by Cyclopean walls, built from massive, unhewn stones without mortar to hold them together. There is no evidence of a written language, so the stones are all that archaeologists have to go by in understanding prehistoric Mallorcan culture.

In February 2018 ARCA* rewarded Capocorb Vell for the maintenance of the Talayotic settlement.
*Associació per a la Revitalització dels Centris Antics

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Talaiotic Site Capocorb Vell
Road Ma-6014, Km. 23, 07620 Llucmajor, Mallorca
Open Mo - Sun 10.00 am - 5.00 pm (THURSDAYS CLOSED)