llucmajor estatua rey jaume III Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

King Jaume III Statue


Sculptural set made of bronze; represents the infant Jaume (who would be the future Jaume IV), son of King Jaume III, holding the lifeless body of his father and a flag of the old Kingdom of Mallorca.

The Battle of Llucmajor is the most important battle in the history of the Kingdom of Mallorca. It took place on October 25, 1349 in Llucmajor, in the place known since then as Camp de sa Batalla (the field of battle). In this combat, the troops of Pedro IV of Aragon defeated those of Jaume III of Mallorca. After the defeat, Pedro IV incorporated the kingdom of Mallorca to the crown of Aragon.

Jaume III dies and Jaume IV is imprisoned. The latter will be released and will try to recover the kingdom, but it will fail categorically. He died in Soria in 1375.

Together with Jaume, Queen Violante de Vilaragut and her sister Isabel were imprisoned. Jaume was imprisoned in the castle of Xátiva and in Barcelona until 1362 when he was released by Jaume de Santcliment.

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