Hiking Route 2


Excursion Nº 2: Llucmajor – Camí de Gràcia – Camí Vell de Gràcia – Santuari de Gràcia – Llucmajor.

Duration 2h 20 min 4.6 km Easy, but with an ascent of about 200m in total

This is an idyllic excursion. The route asecends the Puig de Randa – or monte de Randa- to imposing sanctuary of Grace by a path shaded by forests, which offers imcomparable panoramic views over a large part of the island: the Pla of Llevant, the enormous Bay of Palma, Llucmajor and its region, its coast, and on days of good visibility, the magical island of Cabrera floating on a blue horizon.

This excursion begins infront of the secondary school of Llucmajor, and follow the Camí de Gràcia for about 20 minutes before turning left to continue along the Camí Vell de Grácia, towards the foot of the Randa mountain.

Here begins a slight rise, between some houses, farms and almond groves.

The road makes a brief and slight descent past the houses and we will pass the Camí des Putxets on the left. Shortly after we will see a large sign with information for hikers, which indicates the beginning of the climb to the monastery, by the camí de Ses Voltes.

The higher we get, the more spectacular the views. We can see the great bay of Palma, the south coast of Llucmajor, the Pla de Llevant, and the Island of cabrera. The mountain of felanitx, with its sanctuary of Sant Salvador and the Castell de Santuiri are also visible.

We will pass a small cave with a virgin (1 h 10 min) and in few minutes we will arrive at santuari de gràcia (1 h 15 min) with its entrance , sheltered under a huge and impressive rocky escarpment in the mountain.

Here the land is leved, and we can spend a very pleasent time, enjoying a picnic, or taking time to admire the magnificent view form this wonderful strategic point at more then 350 m above sea level.

The return is by th same way, descending the mount until the camí de gràcia, and turning to the right to arrive again at the point of departure next to the secondary school after 2 h 20 min of excursion.