Hiking Route 3


Llucmajor – Camí de Son Mendívil – Camí Vell d´Algaida – Camí de Ses Pedreres – Restaurante Galdent – Camí de Galdent – Llucmajor

Duration 1 h 45 min 6,7 km Easy, with gently ascent and descents

It is a circular excursion that leaves from Llucmajor towards the north, way to the rocky and rugged Serra de Galdent, passing in front of the famous Galdent Restaurant – unique and surprising, since it is located inside the enclosures of a huge cave – and then descending again on rural roads returns to Llucmajor to finish at the same starting point. On this route, from the road that borders the mountains, we will enjoy impressive panoramic views that span from the village of Llucmajor and its surroundings to the coast As a note, add that this tour is spectacular when the almond trees bloom in February.

The tour starts at Plaça Fra Jeroni Boscana (on the road to algaida). Where there is an old mill without blades in the center of the roundabout. Face the mountains, we will go to the left, to follow the Camí de Son Mendívil, signposted with “Galdent Restaurant”. We left the village in the direction of the hills. Here the asphalted road is wide, flanked by mulberry trees and wild fennel.

We will pass the camí de Comellar at 20 min and shortly after the cami de Son conill, both on the left. Following the main road, we will reach the caminal de galdent on the right, at 30 min; here the short version turns to the right to follow a narrow dirt road, passing some abandones farms and an old water well, linking again with the main route shortly before returning to Llucmajor.

The main route contiues from this point a hundred meters further, and turn right to continue along the camí Vell d’ Algaida, also signposted with “Galdent Restaurant”. In these moments we will begin a slight rise towards the mountain, and we will realize that there are almost no vehicles. At 40 min we will turn right again to follow the Camí de Ses Pedreres, a narrower path, which continues in a gentle ascent towards the rocky Serra de Galdent, now very close.

To return to Llucmajor, we will continue along the road, which soon after turns to the right and then to the left, descending gently with open fields on both sides. Following the main route, we will get closer to Llucmajor. We will pass the camí de Ferrutxelles (Exc. No. 5) on the left hand side at 1 h 20 min, and already much closer we will pass the other end of the Galdent Road (1h 30min), where the short version meets the main one again. Shortly after we will pass the great cemetery of Llucmajor, with its ample parking. Here the road widens a lot, and in a few minutes we will be back to Llucmajor at the same starting point after 1 h 45 min and 6.7 km of excursion