Hiking Route 4


Llucmajor – Camí de Gràcia – Camí de Son Ponç – Cami Vell de Montüiri

Duration 2h 30 min, 9.6 km East, with gentle ascents and descents

NOTE: In principle this tour is only one way, and it would be necessary to have organized a pick-up at the end of the road (at the point of km. 5,9 of the Ma-5017 road from Randa to Montuïri). As an alternative, return on foot, but it becomes a long excursion of almost 19km. If you are looking for a waiting tour, quiet and without complications, here you have it; a rural road that alternates open fields and wide views with small forests, in one direction, and with gentle ascents and descents between colorful landscapes. In a few words, a pleasent walk for any time of the year.

The excursion begins at the same starting point as the number 1 and 2 excursions, leaving from the secondary school through the camí de Gràcia, and continuing to the left at the fork at 12 min. We will pass the Camí Vell de Gràcia (exc. No. 2) at 20 min and the Agrotourism (rural hotel) of Son Sampolí at 30 min. We will continue along the main route. It may happen that some other vehicle. Very soon we will pass the Camí de S Aresta that appears on the left (35 min); unpaved road leading to a recreational area (Can Pancuit) further up the mountain slope (alternative version).

The main route continues between some chalets and houses. Soon the road narrow, and becomes quite quiet in traffic, with open fields to the right and Randa mountain to the left. Further on, we will pass the camí des Pontarró on the right (short version of Exc. No. 1) and continue, now with some areas shaded by the trees bordering the base of Puig de Randa, now closer. The routes runs through a loving rural area, passing through some farms and farms here and there, open fields and forest areas, meandering in gentle ascents and descents. Looking back from time to time, we can appreciate the open views over the hills and fields of Llucmajor in the distance, even at some point you can see the sea.

At 1h 10 min we will pass the camí de Son Ponç on the right, at which point we will be in beautiful pine forests at the foot of the Randa mountain on the left. As we move forward we will have more shady areas, as we go through the woods, to soon leave behind the Puig de Randa, having already surrounded the foot of the mountain. The asphalt finishes (1h 35 min) and the route continues along a wide footpath of quite stony ground. It passes between several estates and hideouts hidden in the forests. Soon we will see the Sierra de Traumuntana on the horizon to the left, easily distinguishing its three highest peaks: the Puig Major – the highest one with 1445 m – the Puig de Massanella and the Puig Tomir.

We have already turned around the Puig de Randa. The road levels off. We will pass through open fields again, before embarking on a gentle descent towards El Pla and the village of montuïri. The route turns to the left and then to the right at 1h 45 min, shortly after passing through the entrance of Son Sastre on the right. At the point we will continue to the left and a few minutes later an abrupt turn to the left will take us to a point where a panoramic view over the Pla and distant mountains of the Sierra opens up in front of us, with the town of montuïri below- it is like a viewpoint.

Now we will continue the descent, the mountain of Randa already will behind us. All this area is what is called ANEI (Natural Area of special interest) and is protected by the variety of native plants and animal life that exists in the area. When we reach a kind of crossroad (2h). we continue straight and we will walk through an open field area, enjoying wide views, continuing with our gentle descent. We will pass infront of some elegant residences, and then by a somewhat abandoned farm, arriving soon at the end of the road, which ends on the Ma-5017 road, near the milestone of km 5.9 and 9.4 km of walking, to the wait for our pickup transport.

If not, and if we have all day to enjoy, why not go back the same way? The activity always offers new views and perspectives. Maybe there is time to enjoy a picnic before returning to Llucmajor.