Hiking Route 6

Llucmajor Coast

S´Estalella (S´Estanyol) – Cala Pi (Vallgornera) – S´Estalella

Duration 2h 8.8 km, very easy

Leaving Llucmajor by the Ma-6015 road (signposted towards S’estanyol), we will turn right when arriving at the sea and there we will find a large space to park the car.

The tour start here, near the beautiful cove of ‘Es Racó de S’Arena’. We walked towards it passing the yacht club de S’Estanyol, following a wide and sandy road after finishing the asphalt. As we approach, we will see an informative poster of Es Racó de S’Arena, a real jewel of cove, practically unknown to many tourists. In summer, it is an idyllic, quiet place away from the masses. In winter, however, it presents another face, beacuse its vulnerability is often swallowed up by the raging sea, and large amounts of algae are deposited on what remains of the beach. We may even have to get a little wet to continue the trip.

When we get to the other side of the beach, we will see several sandy trails that go up the slope. Almost better if we choose the one that runs close to the sea, reaching a wider path a little higher, where we will see signs to the “lighthouse”. We continue straight at the first fork, and then turning left and passing by a small house, we will arrive at the S’Estalella lighthouse (15 min). From this point we can enjoy some wonderful views. The Island of Cabrera seems bigger from here, arranged on a blue horizon in front of us. We can also see a beautiful view of S’Estanyol with its villas in the front line, the marina and the port to the distant beaches of the colònia de Sant Jordi, which opens on our left. On the right, the virgin and rocky coast of Llucmajor extends towards the distant cliffs of Cala Pi, the destination of today.

From the lighthouse, we will follow the path through a rocky area, where the bushes and the twisted pines trees lean towards the mainland, sculpted by the constant sea winds. You can already see the defense tower of S’Estalella halfway to Cala Pi. The route continue, along this beautiful coast and surrounding small coves and rock formations, far from any vestige of modern civilization. With the sea breeze caressing our cheeks, a sense of freedom and well being invades us when we see the beauty of nature in its pure state! If it’s summer, we can freshen up with a bath in any of these coves; If it is winter, it will be spectacular to contemplate the big waves breaking furiously on the rocks and splashing everything with a fine salty dew! At 25 min, after passing a little house hidden behind the weeds, we will pass through a hole in a stone wall, arriving shortly afterwards at the Defense Tower of S’Estalella (30 min) on a rocky elevation.

This defense tower was built in 1577 by the master builder Simó Carrió, and located on a rocky plaform called “ Serral des Corral”, at 6 meters above sea level. This bastion, built with quarry stone ¡, orginally had a main chamber surrounded by mansonry and a terrace. There was also a parapet with gunships, which were subsequently closed, and the parapet was modified to leave a small platform as a protection for the shooters. The tower is cylindrical in its upper part and conical in its lower part. It measures 9.2 meters high, with a diameter of 7.64 at its base, and 6.65 on its terrace. This tower was restored by the city council of Llucmajor in 1984.

Leaving the tower, we will continue along the well-marked path to follow the route along the coast, gradually ascending to a higher level above the sea. It is spectacular site. The cliffs are increasingly abrupt, full of caves and strange formations due to the constant action of the waves breacking tirelessly on the coast. In summer the turquoise and blue tones contrast with the sand stone, creating a true range of marine colors. We will go through another stone wall at 50 min, while gradually we take a little more height. Shortly after the road leads to a leads to a locked gate with a padlock on a high stone wall (1h), here begins the residencial area of Vallgornera, whose houses enjoys a very privileged position with good views form these cliffs. There are some simple rock steps on the wall to the left of the fence in case someone wants to continue, although there is still a good stretch to get to Cala Pi.

Better to visit it on out next excursion!

The return is by the same way, with new perspectives since the views are always diferent in the return, arriving again at S’Estanyol after 2h of excursion.