Defense Towers

Llucmajor Coast

Defense Tower

The large area and length of the Llucmajorera coast made it essential to build defensive and warning structures. These towers were erected mainly in the s. XVI, when Mallorca ws under the danger of the constant incursions of the muslims. They warned and made signs of fire during the night and of smoke during the day, when the vigies or torrers saw enemy ships.

Among them, the best known and in vey good condition are:


Tower of S’Estalella, Built by master builder Simó Carrió in 1577. The tower is cylindrical in the upper half and contract in the lower half. With a height of 9.2 m and diameter of 7.64 m at the base. It was restored by the City Council of Llucmajor

Tower of Cala Pi, built by the master builder Joan Pons and completed in 1663. The tower is cylindrical in the upper half and trunk-conical in the lower half. Construction of stones joined with mortar. With a height of 10.2 m and a diameter of 9.95 m at the base. In 1970 the tower was restored by its owners in accordance with the project drafted in 1967 by the architect Antoni Alomar.

Torre del Cap Blanc and Torre del Cap Enderrocat, both built in 1579 by Antoni Genovard “picapedrer” of Sineu (Mallorca). The first remains almost complete and the second just the base.


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Torres de Defensa de Cala Pi y S'Estalella
Carretera de Cap Blanc, Llucmajor. Mallorca.
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